The War On Christmas

Who’s to blame? Muslims? Think again!

You must have seen the “Happy Holidays” cards and shop posters that are creeping in to undermine our traditional British Christmas. So have you wondered where they come from?

America! That’s right. But did you know that millions of decent Americans are as angry about this relentless attack on our Christian and European identity as we all are? So where does this poison come from?

Here’s a good introduction:

If that gets you going and you want to know more, you could get hold of a copy of William Lind’s excellent “Who Stole Our Culture?” Here’s how he sums it all up:

“The Frankfurt School was well on the way to creating political correctness. Then suddenly, fate intervened. In 1933, Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party came to power in Germany, where the Frankfurt School was located. Since the Frankfurt School was Marxist, and the Nazis hated Marxism, and since almost all its members were Jewish, it decided to leave Germany. In 1934, the Frankfurt School, including its leading members from Germany, was re-established in New York City with help from Columbia University. Soon, its focus shifted from destroying traditional Western culture in Germany to doing so in the United States. It would prove all too successful.”

Or take a look at the words of renowned Jewish-American political scientist Benjamin Ginsberg, who wrote in his much under-appreciated 1993 work The Fatal Embrace: Jews and the State:

“Religious symbols and forms of expression that Jews find threatening have been almost completely eliminated from schools and other public institutions. Suits brought by the ACLU, an organization whose leadership and membership are predominantly Jewish, secured federal court decisions banning officially sanctioned prayer in the public schools and crèches and other religious displays in parks and public buildings.”

Need to know even more, or can’t wait for those books to be delivered?

Then spend a bit of time reading:



The BNP Go Hardcore: But For How Long?

London BNP organiser Steve Squire has a regular slot {or so it seems} on a nationalist internet radio station called Renegade Broadcasting, a few weeks ago on the said radio station he was calling for all ‘National Socialists’ to get on board with the BNP.

And today he seals the deal by asking much detested Claire Khaw to defect to the BNP. What will the liberals in the BNP say?

Clive Je££erson FINALLY Gets His Paws On The Funds Of The British Veterans Group

With the BNP effectively dead, there’s increasingly very little to say about the shrinking gaggle of crooks still pretending to run it, but we still expect an occasional update. Here’s the latest:

Je££er$on Snatches Veterans’ Money
The pitifully small BNP “AGM” (with just a dozen at the evening ‘Social’!) was depressed even further by the back-stabbing ‘briefings’ given on the not-so-quiet by Jefferson and Harrington.
Not the ones against Nick Griffin and other ‘Enemies of the Wigton State’, because they were of course expected. No, what caused real dismay was when the two puppet-masters scuttled around telling people about the “disloyalty” of their latest looting target: Pete Malloy.
A former very close ally (Malloy, after all, was the original backstabber back in July), Pete’s ‘offence’ was to have carefully husbanded the funds of the British Veterans Group. With well over £3,000 in the bank, the BVG had attracted the increasingly desperate eyes of the crumbling party’s Treasurer.
Jefferson these days is acting with the haste of a man whose time is running out. It’s not yet clear whether this is due to the unexpectedly drastic slump in income, to the unexpectedly rapid growth of his throat-cancer, or to the less-than-cooperative response of Charlie Wythe and Chris Barnett when they found that they are being laid off while Jefferson keeps paying himself, Frank Hogarth and Dawn Charlton as normal. (Wise up boys, Jefferson has to keep Hogarth sweet as he needs his help to launder the bequests money once the two big bequests in the offing from Bolton and North Wales drop in. And as for Dawn, well, while you two obviously don’t appreciate it, the fact is that women do have their uses).
Whatever the reason, Je££er$on spent the weekend quietly spreading poison about Malloy so that the last few “punters” still clinging to the fantasy party wouldn’t be surprised by the news that broke as the ‘conference’ ended:
Despite having founded the BVG and organised its infrequent but actually rather effective public outings (most notably a formal invitation to join the official national Remembrance Day Parade in Central London), Malloy was forced to resign.
The Great Leader Adam Walker immediately replaced his former friend – with himself – and rubber stamped the transfer of the BVG bank account to Je££er$on. That’s the last anyone will see of that. After all, with demonstrations banned, what would the last couple of ex-servicemen in the party need money for anyway?
Quite what the German guests made of the whispering we don’t know. Nor was any explanation given as to why a “totally British” party, which just a couple of months ago was telling everybody that it wouldn’t be bothering with foreigners, had done a U-turn and spent money inviting a couple of ‘Krauts’ along. Let alone why Je££er$on – with his ambition of “doing a deal with the Jews like Ukip” – thought this agenda is compatible with hob-nobbing with the NPD, which is so anti-Zionist that it is very supportive towards Hamas.
Back to Malloy, he has responded by complaining bitterly of his ‘disillusionment’ with the new regime and thrown his hat in the ring for the leadership election next July. Strangely (if the party even still exists by then) he may be allowed to stand. Harrington’s advice at present is that “a gobby Scouser with no mates, and now no powerbase, could be the ideal lame-duck challenger”.
“Thieves fall out”. There’ll be more of it, you can depend on that!


Yes! I’ll be voting UKIP – & telling everyone else to hold their noses and do the same” Nick Griffin spells it out

Dear Friends

I don’t want to vote UKIP. I know as well as you that Nigel Farage is only where he is today thanks to a ridiculously Over The Top promotion campaign by the controlled media. The BBC started it to block the BNP and then the corporate media got in on the act as a way of pressuring Cameron to take a tougher line on Europe.
UKIP’s policies are contradictory, confused and often deliberately dishonest. It’s alleged opposition to immigration only really extends to white and generally Christian East Europeans, while the far worse problem of Third World immigration gets brushed under the purple carpet. And for five years in the European Parliament I watched as Fage and his MEPs voted against every single measure which would have allowed protection of British industry and done something to bring the corrupt banks to heel.
But I’m going to let all that pass and vote UKIP next May. Why? Because, whatever, the failings of the party’s top leadership, the majority of UKIP’s candidates are thoroughly decent and patriotic men and women. Some may be naive, stupid or a bit muddled up, but if elected they will in general be knocking out hardcore Tory and Labour traitors.
For all UKIP’s faults, Farage has made it clear that he is seeking to position his team as the “Peace Party”, by repeatedly speaking out against the insane Westminster Establishment plans to confront President Putin over his defence of Russian communities under attack by neo-Nazi militias in eastern Ukraine. Farage has also made it clear that he believes that Britain should stay of of the conflict in Syria “because it has nothing to do with us.”
I’m not sure that I totally believe him.  It may be that UKIP’s expensive private focus group polls simply told him a couple of years ago that my BNP pronouncements on these issues were very well received by the huge block of ordinary Brits who agree that we should keep out of foreign meddling.
But the more he says it, and the more people vote for it, the harder it would be for him to back-track once in Parliament. So, since I am a grandfather of four who thinks that thermonuclear war is a REALLY bad idea, I’m going to be rooting for the only mainstream British political party and leader to at least promise to keep Britain out of the neo-cons’ crazy new Cold War with the last real white nation on the Planet.


British Unity or The British Voice?

British Unity or The British Voice?

Official statement by Nick Griffin

As The British Voice prepares for its launch meeting in St. Helens’ this Sunday, Nick Griffin explains in brief what he and the British Unity team are working towards, and how it relates to the efforts of The British Voice to replace the crumbling BNP.

“We all know that disunity is the bane of the national movement. While we cannot expect all the different groups to join together in one organisation, I believe it is time to build a central nationalist ideological hub and online resource centre, together with a powerful Social Media operation to give us the platform from which to spread our ideas and activities into the public’s consciousness.

The growth of Ukip and the counter-jihad street movement has created a vast reservoir of awakened Patriots. Our job is to turn them into Nationalists. Then we must work to encourage nationalists who are divided in different organisations to find ways to work together towards common goals.

Operational nationalist unity will be the key to future success, and after speaking with many different people in various organisations over the last months, I see that for me – the highest profile and most successful leader in British nationalist history – to call for ‘Unity’ while setting up yet another party (“come and join me”) would be contradictory and counter-productive.

The vital tasks for which my experience most suits me – building an Alternative Media network, providing online and real-life training in principled ideals and practical skills, and turning theories about Ways Forward into real life action and success – are all best done with a number of small, dedicated, mission-oriented teams able to turn on a sixpence to deal with a threat or seize an opportunity.

This operation, which will work under the British Unity banner, is a very different animal from what the people promoting the would-be mass movement, The British Voice, want and need to create. They are not rivals; they are two different things for two different but related purposes.

I am therefore not going to play any role within The British Voice – although I have indicated to its founders that I will be glad to act as an unofficial but experienced advisor should they require.

To avoid distracting from this very necessary attempt to found a viable political party successor to the BNP, I will NOT be attending the launch of The British Voice this coming Sunday. I am, however, urging anyone and everyone who wants to be part of a conventional party/movement to join up there and then if they like what they see and hear.

Collectively, the large number of us who have left the fading BNP form the largest reservoir of people who really know what it takes to win elections under enormous pressure. In British Unity, we will be working hard to encourage the development of the deep community politics tactics that are really needed to defend, influence and mobilise local communities.

At the same time, it is important that genuine nationalists “keep our hands in” with very limited electioneering – with the best techniques, in the right time and at the right place,

TBV’s founders – principally Mike Whitby, Chris Thornton and Martin Vaughan – and I have spoken together about the need for a movement which puts considerable effort into recruiting new people (through demonstrations and campaigns on carefully chosen topics) and involving them in very restricted LOCAL election campaigns. An important part of TBV’s work should be to train activists in intensive and advanced electioneering, so that the party is ready and able to take advantage of future shifts in the electoral climate in favour of our ideas.

If The British Voice sticks to that agenda, and if it can overcome the teething pains that are unavoidable in any new mass movement, then I look forward to British Unity being able to promote and co-operate with it in the future.

So, in conclusion, if you want to belong to a party organisation, complete with policy debates, leadership elections, committee meetings and eventually electioneering, then give The British Voice your attention and give them a go.

If you have the practical skills to help use social media platforms to build a powerful Nationalist Alternative Media, and to use it to catch Ukip and street movement Patriots and turn them into Nationalists, then please get in touch with me.

If you have a fertile imagination, practical skills or are just willing to try new tactics, then let me know and together we can work to develop eye-catching demonstrations and protests – because, let’s face it, our people are perishing for lack of vision and hope. It’s our job to give it to them.

If you agree with me that the National Revolution has to be built from the ground up, then you and I have work to do exploring ways of making better individuals, stronger families and united local communities.

The two organisations are not mutually exclusive, of course. I already know of a number of individuals who will both be joining TBV and also working with me to help push forward British Unity. I have good friends in TBV and I wish them the best of luck with their launch and in the future.


The Way Forward (part 3 c)


Instead we would need an organisation that searches for and exploits opportunities for such counter-power initiatives and to influence and so radicalise the safety valve parties. If we can turn them from obstacles into springboards, the whole operation to create them could in the end turn out to have been too clever by half.

Electioneering party not fit for purpose

So there we have five possible paths to the National Revolution. The first is clearly closed. The other four, alone or in combination, are all potentially realistic to one degree or another. No-one can be sure. But we CAN be certain that the sort of election-based party on which nationalists have pinned their faith from the late 1960s until now is not fit for purpose under any of these circumstances.

As this is understood, the natural inclination of some will be to conclude that we don’t need an electioneering nationalist political party at all. Such a view is as understandable as it is mistaken, because electioneering through something which at least looks and sounds like an old-fashioned political party remains – at the right time – essential. There are five reasons why:

a) Elected local government and parliamentary democracy are at the very heart of the identity of our nation. Indeed, individual freedom and the resulting sovereignty of the people are ingrained in the very DNA of our race. The fact that it has been corrupted is not a reason to act out of character and destroy it, rather, we must work to restore and revitalise true democracy.

b) People expect it. The concept of elections as the way to change society – even among those who don’t vote and think that the democratic process as it stands at present is an obsolete sham – is so strong that the vast majority of the population are incapable of visualising any lasting change except through the ballot box. Any organisation which tries to tell them otherwise will be regarded either as mad, bad or both.

c) Defence against repression. A political organisation that foreswore elections would set itself up to be demonised and broken up by the Powers That Be.

d) It would be seen by the population as a whole as a threat to their right – be it ever so threadbare and unvalued – to choose, and dismiss, their Masters at the ballot box. Elected local government and parliamentary democracy may have terrible flaws, but it is a far better and innately popular system than any of the potential alternatives.

e) Most important of all, we need to understand this: Electoral victories do not create political power, because in reality it comes from cultural, ideological, social, economic and technological changes. But elections are the most powerful marker and register of such deeper and broader changes.

Electoral victory is the ultimate symbolic legitimiser of real world shifts of power that have already taken place. Elections are the way in which our society stamps its seal of democratic approval on changes that are already all over save for the legal niceties.

For these five reasons, the post-BNP, post-election fetish movement, MUST be centred on a properly registered political party. It’s just that this party should in practice AVOID fighting elections until the time to do so is right.

When will that be? Sun Tzu would have been able to tell us: When its candidates have as good as won before the campaign even starts. Because they are so well-regarded locally and because their message resonates with so many voters, and because they already have so many votes guaranteed that they cannot loose. When the election, in other words, is simply the way in which their prior victory is rubber stamped by the people.

How do we do that? I’m going to tell you – in the next instalment.

Nick Griffin.