Liverpool Super Activist Cllr Mike Whitby ‘removed’ from post

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: “Mikejw” <>
Date: 6 Oct 2014 23:58
Subject: Re: Liverpool Organiser

Hiya, I’ve just been removed from the position of Liverpool Organiser. Here’s the reply that I will be sending to Gary Tumulty…

Dear Gary,

Regarding the dismissal email that you have sent me, removing me from the position of Liverpool Organiser, and your statement; ‘…I have no choice but to remove you from your post as Liverpool organiser as it is now very clear that you do not want to work on the North West BNP team…’

On the contrary, I DO want to work for the North West BNP MEMBERS, to expose what you and your cronies are doing to this party.

For future reference, you need to make a note that you have removed me from the position of Liverpool Organiser AFTER you refused to allow me access to a North West BNP meeting. Also, you LIED to me and other paying members, by stating that the meeting had been cancelled, when in fact it was merely transferred to another venue. An hour later, that same evening, I and several other members visited that venue and proved to everyone that you had lied about the meeting being cancelled. We asked legitimate questions of you, Adam Walker, Clive Jefferson and Chris Barnett. Yet, not one of our questions received an answer, and you and Adam walked out of the venue and disappeared into the night. And you both call yourselves LEADERS?!

By the actions you have taken, you have not only let your position down, but you have acted outside of your level of authority. Also, prior to removing me from office, you denied me access to the Liverpool BNP email, in order to stop me communicating with the members and telling them the TRUTH of the fact that you and less than nineteen members of the Executive Council have ousted our elected Chairman and replaced him with somebody else – without a ‘by your leave’ to thousands of members. May I remind you that, in such circumstances where two thirds of the Executive Council vote against the Chairman, then the correct procedure is to trigger a Leadership Election, and NOT to usurp the Chairman’s position unconstitutionally.

I must also remind you that, under the constitution of the British National Party, Regional Organisers are required to be ELECTED BY THE MEMBERS, and you have never been elected.  Therefore, you are only the ACTING North West Regional Organiser, just as Adam Walker is merely the ACTING Chairman, and neither of you have the legitimate authority to make executive decisions such as those that you are both undertaking at the present time.

Furthermore, you and your colleagues have sacked me on the 6th of October 2014, which is shortly after I had informed you and the rest of the NINETEEN PEOPLE on the Executive Council, that I would be representing Joseph Finnie, with his Expulsion Appeal. And, I have provided all of you with a FOURTEEN PAGE document, outlining all of the facts and witness statements from six people. I have received replies from FIFTEEN MEMBERS OF THE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL, including you Gary, but I have not received a reply from the ACTING Chairman, Adam Walker, the Treasurer, Clive Jefferson, the Head of Publicity, Charlie Wythe, or the Membership Secretary – whoever is doing that job, now that Jen Matthys has been unceremoniously removed from office.

The content of the information contained in that fourteen page document outlines a catalogue of appalling events, many of which are highly illegal, that have taken place over the past two years, and the senior management of the British National Party has done absolutely nothing to correct it, or to deal with the perpetrators of those outrageous crimes. The gravity of this issue is enough to destroy the BNP. But to date, not a thing has been done to address this matter. Instead of doing the right and honourable thing, and dealing with the criminals, you and your colleagues have resorted to sacking the whistle blowers. These are the actions of tyrants, and you will not get away with it. Keep in mind that, although the information was provided on a Private & Confidential basis, it can and may be taken to the police, if no corrective action is taken to address the crimes that you have all been alerted to.

Isn’t it about time you people started telling the members the TRUTH?

Ultimately, the MEMBERS will decide upon the future of this party and its incumbent “officers”, and when THEY have the final word; what you, Adam and Clive think, will be somewhat irrelevant.

Yours most sincerely

Mike Whitby

From: Gary Tumulty – British National Party, NWSRO
Sent: Monday, October 06, 2014 6:30 PM
To: Mike j Whitby
Subject: Liverpool Organiser

Dear Mike,

I am sorry to be having to write this email, but I am left with no other option.

As you know, you recently sent me a text message saying that you do not wish for me to contact you and delete you from my records.

I have no choice but to remove you from your post as Liverpool organiser as it is now very clear that you do not want to work on the North West BNP team.

Best Regards,

Gary Tumulty
North West Regional Organiser
PO Box 16,Salford, M6 7PT


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